Our Mission

We provide small grants to activists and scholars who would ordinarily not have access to funding. Although the activities that the Program sponsors are flexible, the intention is that recipients will use these funds to pursue research, strategic analysis, writing, and focused projects of activism that will contribute to progressive change in medicine and society. Work sponsored by the Program takes several forms, including scholarly publications, popularly written articles for non-academic readership, uses of the audio-visual media to convey strategic analysis or accounts of practical experiences, and organizing efforts to improve services for the underserved.

The following topics give an overview of the Allende Program’s priorities:
  1. Historical studies in social medicine
  2. Health care and class structure
  3. Monopoly capital in the health sector
  4. Health care and economic crisis
  5. The state and state intervention
  6. Medical Ideology
  7. Comparative international health systems
  8. Historical materialist epidemiology, including the impact on health of social class, stress, work, the environment, sex, and race
  9. Innovative educational projects in social medicine
  10. Strategies for change, including accounts of practical attempts to build alternative models in communities and institutional organizing
  11. Militarism, health, and mental health.

These topics are only suggestions, and other proposals will also receive consideration. Individuals and groups interested in commenting on the Program’s goals, contributing financially to the Program, or applying for support are encouraged to contact us at:

Allende Program in Social Medicine
P.O. Box 2965
Taos, NM 87571